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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 23, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the entire building. >> right to left. people were grabbing on to the pillars. >> no one knew what was going on. >> now we know. the 5.8 quake rattled buildings and nerves from virginia down to your street. everybody and everything was shake. this is what everybody will be tabbing about at the bars tonight, literally. >> and still talking about where you were when the earth shook.
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jeff hager has more. what a day. >> reporter: it's kind of like a may tag repairman. the man in charge of monitoring earthquake and other seismic activity hop isn't most of his life here has never experienced one -- until now. he has since reviewed the seismic record but nothing like help experienced for that brief matter of moments today. >> this rattling, which i initially thought was something associated with the heating system in the building, heating, cooling system. it continued on. it died down and came back, but nothing fell off the walls but the building was rattling. you could hear the noise and feel the shaking. >> how long did it last? >> i think about 10 seconds. seemed like a long time to me. >> reporter: especially after
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he's waited this long to see it happened. he said he initially got reports from for pennsylvania, even new york, that they felt some of the tremors. this was confirmed when his daughter from manhattan called and said she felt it. he said here, as opposed to california, our rock formation are such that it can carry extensive distance up and down the east cost. he said as for the aftershock we could have more but may not experience them the way we did with the initial tremor. they may be so slight that we wouldn't feel them. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> jamie. want to take you to the northwest mart of d.c. the national cathedral. at least three of the four pinnacles in the central tower have fallen off and the central
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tower appears to be leaning. this is right across the street from catholic university. this is just an incredible site. the pinnacles, the director of communications for the cathedral said the cathedral has been evacuated and the stone may sons are investigating. it's historically been the site of funerals and memorials for presidents and statesmen. >> the story was the same in annapolis where state workers were sent scrambling. >> reporter: like so many people in this area and states beyont, i didn't flow what was going on. i was at the gym at the annapolis town center. the lights startedded moving and quickly they told us to get out.
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we are on round boulevard. we are on this road enough to know it is very packed typically on a tuesday afternoon at 5:30 with state workers getting out of annapolis. you can see, it looks like they've already done that. we saw evidence of it a few hours ago. once that earthquake moved through and the state buildings were shaking, including the capital building, we saw a lot of people getting out of annapolis. since then we have been in the downtown area. we want to show you some of the damage. you're looking at an apartment building. the chimney cracked and some of the bricks came down. inspectors are taking a look at several of the chimneys. many of them are damaged because the buildings are very old. some of them date back to the late 1700s, many of them brick.
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hard to sustain no damage. so many people have a story to tell. walls were shaking and so was the chesapeake bay. according to a man on his sail boat during that earthquake. all right. we were talking to a guy and his girlfriend who were down from philadelphia. they told me they were out on the bay when the earthquake came through, and if you can believe it, their captain actually felt the boat shake. he said because they're not very familiar with being on a boat, she felt something shake and was able to bring them support safely. also, there were some buildings that were damaged in the anne arundel area. two schools, northeast high school in pasadena and mag ga
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si, all of them saw some damage. so many stories to tell from annapolis. back to you. >> when you said you were working out, obviously, you didn't know what this was. what about the reaction from other folks folks? >> reporter: i was in the basement of the town center. when the weights come crashing down from upstairs, the building starts to shaifnlgt i thought there was that. i stood there for a moment. i said this is something very different and the televisions were on. cnn was on and they told us about the earthquake. certainly, a very different experience, my first earthquake and so many people around me the same thing. a lot of people started running out of the building. they came on and announced for us to get out quickly. >> that was me lifting weights,
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250 pounds right above, couldn't handle it. the most important thing is to check for entries. make sure all the people around are safe. here's what to do with your home. leave it if you don't feel it's safe enough. if you smell or hear a gas leak, get everybody out. open the windows and doors f you can do it safely, turn off the gas to the meter. if the appliance -- power is out, turn off appliances. >> if you smell hot insulation, get to the electricity box, main fuse box and turn it off. >> is your place to stay for all the latest updates on the developments surrounding today's quake.
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we promise to keep you updated today and tonight and good morning maryland starting at 4:30 a.m. >> >> i was on the phone with my hands free device, must be something local, a car crash. i didn't sense anything. 5.8 magnitude. a shallow quake, the reason it was felt. 5.8 magnitude in mineral, virginia, 80 miles south of d.c. that's why we'll see more significant damage in dpk because it was 45 miles closerred to the epicenter.
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we're watching this force of nature, hurricane irene projected to gain more strength. the rest of the evening weather wise we're quiet. we're going to switch gears for a little bit. we brought you the story of animal hoarders. normally they're overturn with dogs and cats. some lucky guests at the zoo got a chance to enjoy some sweet treats. ♪
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an arizona man got a visit from animal control after they got control he was hoarding dangerous reptiles. four large snakes that were underweight were taken out of list home, but he didn't let them go heelsly. it took four hours to convince him. >> if you're telling me this snake is important to you, we need to get this treatment. this one is sick. this one has an upper respiratory virus. >> they were all pythons. animal control allowed him to keep other snakes that weren't in need of medical attention.
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>> this is be, before earthquake. they got a chance to see the snow. it was hauled in. they got lap chance to enjoy a sweet treat with their cool new friends. >> they got their on popsicle. come by on tuesday. >> the special show delivery is part of the program the school is calling arctic august. who knows what the bill is going to look like for this. a hippopotamus got a visit from the dentist. a specialist called in all the way from north carolina was called in to file it down using a saw. he made it through without a scratch. talk about a scary assignment. it's days away for a lot of students but not too late to
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score. >> we'll show you the best way to get amazing deals. >> and almost every coned of diet book.
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we're continuing our live coverage on the earthquake this afternoon. >> abc2's brian kuebler has more. >> reporter: plenty of people were evacuated from places like towson center. they are report nothing significant damage or injuries. as soon as it happened, the county actvated their emergency operation center where heads of
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public safety came together to deal with it. let's take a listen to what the fire chief had to say. >> in the moments after the incident we received a number of calls, hazardous pipe conditions, several elevator situations. we deployed numerous officers. our calls for services are back for moment. >> in the immediate moments following, it had a lot of people shook up. a lot of people had cause for concern. the people in our building sprawkd early-- evacuated early. people across the county responded in a responsible way. >> reporter: in the midst of
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this there was an armed roacial. they were able to apprehend all four suspects. no word if the suspects had impeccable timing or if it was a coincidence. all right. it's been more than an hour since that last aftershock. both were less than half the strength of the initial quake in mineral, virginia. boy, the effects were felt right around here. step out of the shot. i was curious if some of the cameras might capture briefly some shaking. this didn't happen. these are intermittent captures of the sky, of the ground as well. really, it's not like a security
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camera that streams steadily. here, you're looking at time lapse imagery. tough to make out the quake. you see butteful weather for all the brief evacuations. people had to head outside and stay outside until the coast was clear. temperatures around 80 through the upper 70s and humidity still comfortably low. for late august we're doing good for now at least. i see no inbound weather tonight or tomorrow. we have a scum more days of the good stuff at least tonight and tomorrow. one area of showers and storms diving into indiana, but most of us just seeing this, more nice weather courtesy of high pressure socked in across north carolina and virginia. now, take you further south. hurricane irene, still has the potential to be one nasty storm. a strong category one. it was a category two last
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night. winds have lost some strength here, less organized, but it reorganizes as it gets further away from the dominican republic and over those warm waters moving towards the florida straights. i will tell you this. the track will continue to push further and further east, meaning not florida, not even georgia or south carolina. looking like the carolina coast. some effect in terms of wind and rain for the maryland coast. that's if the track holds up. this is sunday afternoon. it will change some. in fact, it could end up being much further out to sea. some of these computer models pushing it out further and further over the ocean. we'll see in that holds up. that will change the impact. overnight 58, clear skies, tomorrow, partly sunny, 85, increasingly humid it will be muggier as we fall to the upper
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60s. not quite the windows open sleeping weather. it will get muggier. a chance for showers thursday, friday afternoon. better chances for rain late saturday night and sunday as irene makes her approach. we don't know how close this will be to maryland. we know we will get some rain out of this if the current track holds up at all, which it may or may. hurricanes are tough to start nailing down. >> counting on this to be a nice day. >> for people that had to go, at least this was not raining or scorching hot. >> thanks a lot wyatt. all right. let's talk about some back-to-school shopping. with all the commotion it's easy to forget it is back-to-school shopping. it's not too late to get a good deal on the basics. >> reporter: whether you're
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still enjoying the summer or just got a list of supplies from the teacher, back-to-school shopping can cost a lot of time, money and gas. she said one way to streamline the process is to do as much online. >> shop online only. it's easy for your child to resist it. you can go through different sites, add them to the shopping basket and wait to check out. >> reporter: she recommends shop it puts brands and retailers in one place with free two-day shipping for members. if you have to hit the mall, strait jiz first. you can create multiple lists for tasks. check with the neighbors to see what's on their back-to-school list. consider having one person go to the store to buy notebooks,
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pencils in bulk and divide it up. i'm karen caifa. >> keep it here. we'll be right back.
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on the heels of their downgrade of the u.s. credit rating and news they're being vasted by the security and exchange commission, the president of standard & poor's is stepping down. he will take his leave on september 12th and they're looking into the mortgage bond deals. s&p 500 -- s&p said the decision to step done was in progress for
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more than a year. people have been toiling away at work and not seeing anything extra in their paychecks, but things are changing. >> reporter: if you're lucky enough to have a job, there's good news. you may be getting a raise. 800 companies were asked. the increase is mods did but it's slightly bet are than the hike this year. so what does that machine for your wallet? let's say you make $50,000 a year. a 2.8 increase works out to an extra $1400. it's pacecally an extra two paychecks. the average percentage increase is for full-time nonexecutive employees. it says companies are planning similar bums for executives and
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part-time workers too if you qualify you may get a solid bonus. companies are planning to pay out 100% of their cash in their bonus pool. although the economy continues to struggle, this is a sign that corporate profits are strong and employers want to retain their workers. you come in and lay down and can still feel it. i still feel it. let's start the 6:00 news right now. right now on abc2 news at 6 we're continuing to get information on that earthquake that rattled us. >> we're not hearing many reports of extensive damage or injuries. however, many people are trying to get home. >> the epicenter of the quake was in virginia. we start with jeff hager. great story here


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